WAG 03-22-06: Appeals

PM 03-22-06.

If the client files an appeal about the sanction by the date of change on the Form 157C, stop the sanction.

  1. (FCRC) Take action through ACM or complete the Form 552 as follows:
    Item 3 -Enter TA 31.
    Item 33 -Enter TAR 14.
    Item 80 -Change the reason code from 01 to 99 for the 166 SSNC sanction code.
  2. (FCRC) If needed, issue Mercury supplement for the effective month of change using Item 80 code 255.
  3. (System) Deletes code 512 in Item 90. If present, deletes zero grant reason C in Item 34.
  4. (FCRC) When the appeal decision is received, take action based on the findings.
    1. If the appeal finding upholds the Family Community Resource Center action, reenter Item 80 code 166 with the original reason and level, using TA 31/TAR 16. Use the current effective month as the date. Withhold the central notice. The notice of appeal decision is enough.
    2. If the appeal finding does not uphold the Family Community Resource Center, delete Item 80 code 166, using TA 31/TAR 14.