DDD Communication – Finalized PCP Documents

The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) has released the updated Discovery Tool, Personal Plan, and new Implementation Strategy. All documents can be found on the PCP webpage. The DDD sent a communication regarding the PCP process that includes instructions for utilizing each of the documents last Friday, September 30. The link to the September 30, 2022 DDD Communication is online.

Thank you to everyone who offered comments on the Person-Centered Planning Process Draft Information Bulletin that was released last month. The final PCP Information Bulletin is online. Stakeholders should have received an email with the link to this Information Bulletin earlier this afternoon.


Sarah Myerscough-Mueller
Interim Director - Division of Developmental Disabilities
Illinois Department of Human Services
401 S. Clinton St., 6th Floor Chicago, IL 60607
O: (217) 524-2512

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