PM 03-15-02: Persons Exempt from the Work Provisions

WAG 03-15-02

SNAP customers are required to comply with the Work Provisions in PM 03-15-01, unless they meet an exemption reason. A person is exempt from the Work Provisions if they are:

  • under age 16 or age 60 or older; or
  • an ineligible SNAP unit member (see PM 04-05-07); or
  • age 16 or 17; and
    • not the SNAP head of household; or
    • attending school or is enrolled in an employment training program on at least a half-time basis; or
  • a student enrolled at least half-time in any recognized school or training program, or institution of higher education.
    • students enrolled at least half-time in an institution of higher education must meet the student eligibility requirements in (PM 03-04-03-b). A student will remain exempt during normal periods of the school term, school breaks, and school vacations. 
    • a student who graduates, enrolls less than half-time, is suspended or expelled, drops out, or does not intend to register for the next normal school term (excluding summer school) must be registered to work unless the individual qualifies for another exemption (see WAG 03-15-02); or
  • physically or mentally unable to work; or
  • a parent or other household member responsible for the care of a dependent child under age 6, or for an incapacitated person. The child or incapacitated person does not have to live in the home; or
  • receiving unemployment compensation. A person who has applied for, but has not yet received unemployment is also exempt if that person complying with work requirements that are part of the Federal-State unemployment application process; or
  • a regular participant enrolled in and cooperating with a substance abuse treatment program; or
  • employed or self employed working at least 30 hours per week or earning weekly wages equal to the Federal minimum wage ($7.25) multiplied by 30 hours. This includes migrant and seasonal farm workers under contract or similar agreement with an employer or crew chief to begin employment within 30 days. An employed or self-employed person who voluntarily and without good cause reduces his or her work effort, and after the reduction is working less than 30 hours per week, is ineligible to participate in SNAP.  (see WAG 25-06-08).
  • new manual textAmeriCorps volunteers working (paid or unpaid) 30 hours or more per week are exempt from work registration. This is not an exemption that meets special student eligibility requirements.

NOTE: A person who receives TANF and SNAP benefits must comply with the TANF work and training requirements, unless they are responsible for the care of child under age 6.