WAG 03-15-01: Work Provisions

PM 03-15-01

SNAP Work Registration Notice (Form 2646)

  1. revised manual textAt initial application, redetermination, or whenever an exempt individual becomes nonexempt, the HSC must give each member of the SNAP household who does not meet one of the Work Provision exemptions in PM 03-15-02 SNAP Work Registration Notice (Form 2646). The HSC must complete the case information on the form including the name of the nonexempt individual.
  2. revised manual textExplain the reason why the form is being given to the person. As a condition of eligibility for SNAP benefits, each SNAP household member not exempt for one of the reasons in PM 03-15-02 must comply with the Work Provisions (formerly known as work registration) in PM 03-15-01.
  3. revised manual textUpload a copy of Form 2646 to the Electronic Case Record (ECR) and document in Case Comments which SNAP household member was given Form 2646 and the method of how it was given.
  4. revised manual textComplete the IES screens to indicate that the individual is nonexempt from Work Provisions. The HSC should review the Eligibility Summary Screen to determine if the appropriate exemption has been given.

revised manual textFor SNAP eligibility purposes, giving each nonexempt member Form 2646 and completing the IES screens to indicate that individual is nonexempt from Work Provisions serves as registering the individual for work.  Do not refer the individual to the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) to register for work.