Local Advisory Council Meeting 3 Minutes, August 15, 2022

Monday, Aug 15, 2022

via zoom

Meeting started: 1:34pm


  1. Roll Call
  2. Welcome and Meeting Overview
  3. Public Comment
  4. Overview of LAC Recommendations
  5. Overview of Greater Illinois Funding Strategy
  6. LAC Next Steps
  7. Question & Answer
  8. Closing Remarks & Adjourn


Roll Call

  1. IDHS
    1. Dana Kelly
    2. Christopher Patterson R
    3. eshma Desai
    4. Jose Ponce
    5. Awisi Bustos
    6. Stephanie Pointer
  2. UIC
    1. Joe Hoereth
    2. Norma Ramos
    3. Jessica Cortez
  3. LAC members 

Roy Rothschild

Hannah Carr E

lizabeth Protich

Bonnie Ballard

Robin Passwater

Susan Grazzini

Camille Rose

Jaclyn Vinson

Douglas Jackson

Kyle Risby

Julie Moore Wolfe

Jennifer Gain Meyer

Antwaun Banks

Dave Hodge

Samantha Rocknowski

Audrey Woodley

James Keith

Christopher Easton

Donnie Chestnut

Andrea Porter

Megan Mckenna

Nacyla Mitchell

Valdimir Talley

Julie Frankino

Bryan Laroche

Evan Kraus

Michael Isaacson

Jerry Culp

Courtney Combs

Wyvetta Granger

Dezire Childress

Douglas Jackson

Anqunette Parham

Tycee Bell

Jerry Culp

Tretara Flowers

Vernice Scott

Demarcus Hamilton

Dr. Hicks

Sam Cunningham

Christine Bright

Ken Scarlette

Michelle Stiff

Leah Hatcher

Shemuel Sanders

Dan Wright

Sara Knizhnik

Marcus Hill

Edward Butler

Regina Moore

Babatunde Beeks

Maya Hardy

Lucas Seilhymer

Anqunette Parham

Mark Pfister

Jasmine Lopez

Eric Rinehart

Rachel Jacoby

Monica Hendrickson

Kenneth Schmidt

Welcome and Meeting Overview

  • OFVP Assistant Secretary Christopher Patterson welcomed the group with some key points and purpose of the meeting.

Public Comment

  • No public comment


  • Dana Kelly discussed following topics:
    1. Overview of LAC Recommendations
    2. Overview of Greater Illinois Funding Strategy
    3. LAC Next Steps

Question & Answer

  1. Which cities will receive funding?
    • All of the 16 municipalities are included in the funding strategy.
  2. Have some been approved for some type of funding already?
    • No, there is only a portion of funding that has been distributed which is the existing youth development funding (teen reach).
  3. How does this greater funding strategy overlap with the NOFOs that have already gone out? Are they related or separate?
    • The funding has already gone out to support youth development services and plan to allocate 100 million. The amount that has been granted in Greater Illinois is in the $5 million or less range.
  4. If I recall, each LAC area was going to be awarded up to 8 awards for the Youth Development Programs. If we did not have 8 applicants, how do those funds get reallocated?
    • There is a difference between the way we treat Chicago and Greater Illinois - Chicago does have application limits for the community. They cannot have more than 8 applications funded for that community for youth development. For Greater Illinois, there is no limit. Instead of a limit, there is a percentage allocation.
  5. Will each community be allocated a set amount; and from that amount, the funds will be distributed based on the recommendation of the LAC committee for that area?
    • The recommendations that the LAC give, that's where our content are based. We can't get a direct recommendation to fund a certain agency, or a certain grant from the LAC's that has to go through an unbiased merit-based review process that happens outside of the LAC.
  6. Will these organizations be able to apply for these or will they need to partner with a school district or perhaps boys and girls clubs or YCC in order to apply for these funds, or could they apply directly on their own?
    • Depending on how the program is structured, it could be considered a youth intervention program where somebody can apply on their own.
  7. What is really meant by trauma, informed behavioral health services? Can you define what are the services you would include and what can be in the NOFO?
    • This is still being developed as a blend of service linkage and psycho education, about what trauma to identify and how to address it and then actual provisions of behavioral health services.
  8. If we rated or lowered the percentage, because we were unclear on the definition ,are we able to go back and change the percentage as an LAC?
    • Yes, by vote if you would like to. You would just send us the revised allocation and we can incorporate it into our website.
  9. Will there be support for newer CBO's to have access to applying for these grants, who have never submitted an NOFO?
    • Yes, we have resources that are meant to support those newer organizations that are interested in becoming prequalified so that they can apply for state funding.
  10. Are subcontractors required to be GATA certified?
    • Yes, some contractors as well as primary contractors must be GATA certified.
  11. Can I get a copy of the entire slideshow?
    • Yes, it will be available after meeting
  12. In the youth development NOFO, it stated that we are supposed to be ready to provide services within 4 weeks of approval. How long is the review process approximately?
    • We have been accepting applications on a rolling basis. If your application is under review, you may expect to receive a letter very soon.
  13. Can one organization apply for multiple opportunities? Either as lead applicant and/or partner?
    • Yes
  14. Who did the Community Asset mapping?
    • This was highlighted in the May meeting and we provided all resources and tools like community asset mapping. We will send a link out for community asset mapping.
  15. What exactly do you mean by LAC organizing funding?
    • Organizations that have been closely associated with an LAC or trusted by the community and can continue to associate with an LAC should apply for funding.
  16. I appreciate your openness to input re how the LAC can improve. Can you restate the recommendations you are looking for, how you would like them submitted, and by when?
    • Will be found in the slides
  17. Please send the link to the Community Asset mapping in the email that will include this PowerPoint.

Links Shared:

  1. RPSA Local Advisory Council Summer Recommendations
  2. FY23 Greater Illinois RPSA Violence Prevention Services NOFO

Meeting Adjourned @ 2:50pm