Conversion from EPPIC to ebtEDGE Was a Success!

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  • This action memo provides changes for FCRC staff and changes for customers due to conversion from EPPIC to ebtEDGE.
  • EPPIC is no longer available for SNAP and cash customers and has been replaced by ebtEDGE.
  • IDHS migrated all Link Card customers to the new system, ebtEDGE on 08/20/2022 - 08/21/2022. SNAP and cash customers now have access to their Link cards and benefits again.

FCRC Changes

  • Eppic is no longer available. The replacement for EPPIC is called ebtEDGE. You can access ebtEDGE in the Caseworker Quicklinks IDHS OneNet: Caseworker Quicklinks ( by clicking on Link ebtEdge Worker Portal.
    • Several weeks ago, ebtEDGE training occurred demonstrating the functionality of ebtEDGE. You can review these trainings by visiting the Resource Library and clicking IDHS OneNet: ebtEDGE Employee Training ( There is a lot of material located on this site, with much more in the coming weeks.
    • The same basic functionality exits in ebtEDGE as it did in EPPIC. FCRC staff can check balances, benefit issuances, review transactions and card information. Some IDHS users will also have the ability to: change PINs, issue cards, set security passwords, unfreeze a card, and reset PINs if a customer gets locked out.
  • FCRC staff who have accessed EPPIC in the recent months have received an email with a User ID and temporary password. For help logging in for the first time, please review the FCRC ebtEDGE Training (pdf) located in the IDHS OneNet: ebtEDGE Employee Training ( within the Resource Library.
  • If FCRC staff did not receive an email with this information and you are authorized by your supervisor, complete an On-Line Transaction Access Request- IL444-4052. Once completed, send to
  • FCRCs have received new "Gray" Vault cards. The "Blue" Vault cards are to be returned to Springfield Harris Building, email for instructions. Effective 08/22/2022, FCRCs should no longer issue Blue Link cards.
  • FCRCs also received Card Swipers and PIN Pads. These are "Plug and Play" and no set up is required. If FCRCs encounter a field in ebtEDGE that a card number is needed, swipe the card through the card reader. Same with the PIN entry and PIN Pad. You can find more information in the Link ebtEDGE User Manual (pdf).
  • Regular Roll Benefits for September will be loaded into the Link accounts starting Monday 08/22/2022. Benefits will be available to the customer as scheduled in September. No other delay in benefit loading or account creation is expected.

Changes for Customers

  • Customer Website: Customers will need to sign up for a new ebtEDGE account to access their Link accounts online. Customers can do this by visiting
    • FCRCs can assist customers by reviewing the ebtEDGE Cardholder Portal training in IDHS OneNet: ebtEDGE Employee Training ( located in the Resource Library. Customers can also find help logging in on the ebtEDGE Registration Page. Review here:
    • Features available through the Customer Website include:
      • Benefit balance & pending deposits;
      • Select or change PIN;
      • For approved SNAP cases, view certification period end dates and regular benefit availability date;
      • View last 90 days of transactions;
      • Order Link card replacements;
      • Add an extra-security password to prevent access to the account online or over the phone. This feature was previously only available to be added through the DHS office;
      • Connect multiple Link accounts under one sign-on. This means P-EBT accounts and regular SNAP accounts can be managed under one single sign on;
      • Freeze card and Unfreeze card functionality. Customers can freeze their card between purchases or while away to prevent any unauthorized usage;
      • Block out of State Transactions. This means a customer can choose to block any transactions attempted outside of Illinois; and
      • Sign up to receive account alerts through a mobile phone or email.

*These features are new under Link IV and not previously available to Illinois Link customers.

  • New EBT Mobile App:
    • ebtEDGE mobile app offers customers many great features and replaces "ConnectEBT" as the State mobile app for EBT.
    • ebtEDGE is a free mobile app for EBT cardholders and is now available in the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). Through this secure app, customers will be able to access all the features available in the customer website and additional features like:
      • SNAP retailer and ATM location
      • Nearby store locations that accept EBT using GPS
  • Some important notes:
  • Customers do not need to replace their "Blue" Link Card, it will still work;
  • Customers did not experience any loss of benefits;
  • All Link cards issued or requested after this change will receive the "Gray" Link Card;
  • The Illinois Link Help Line 1-800-678-LINK (5465) remains the same;
  • The Illinois Link Card Website will direct the customer to ebtEDGE.

[signed copy on file]

Grace B. Hou

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services

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