August 16, 2022 - Quality Care Board Meeting


Tuesday, August 16, 2022 11:00 a.m.



Phone (US Toll): 1-312-535-8110 (Chicago) / 1-415-655-0002

Event number (access code): 2465 616 9581


Peter B Neumer, Inspector General; Charles Wright, Deputy Inspector General; William Diggins, Assistant Deputy Inspector General; Saul J. Morse, Chairperson; Megan Norlin, Board Member; JaeJin Pak, Board Member; Shirley Perez, Board Member; Joyce Medley, Administrative Assistant

Called to Order

Meeting called to order at 11.00 am.

Approval of Meeting Minutes

  • June 21, 2022, minutes reviewed
  • Motion to approve the minutes - Shirley Perez
  • Motion Seconded - Saul Morse
  • All in favor, No Opposed - June 21, 2022, minutes approved

Bi-Monthly Update on OIG Operations

  • Reviewed OIG organization chart showing current staff vacancies, and discussed the Board's concerns regarding the hiring process
  • Reviewed investigator caseload statistics, and discussed the challenges of increased caseloads

Administrative Matters 

  • Board members were reminded of required annual trainings

Other Business 

  • No other business


  • Motion to adjourn - JaeJin Pak
  • Seconded - Megan Norlin
  • All in favor, no opposed - Meeting adjourned at 12:24 pm