WAG 03-13-05-b: Client Interview

PM 03-13-05-b.

At a minimum, the following parties must be present at the interview:

  • the client,
  • the caseworker,
  • the Teen Parent Services' worker (if appropriate), and
  • the casework supervisor.

If at all possible, another professional support staff person is to be included in the interview. A professional support staff person is someone who has a background in social work, mental health, substance abuse services, rehabilitative services, or a related area. This person may be a specialized DHS staff person who is co-located in the Family Community Resource Center or a counselor who is already involved with the client. The professional can be a Family Community Resource Center staff person who meets the definition. It is not mandatory that the person be from outside the Family Community Resource Center.

  1. (FCRC Team) Conduct the interview with the client based on the strategy outlined in the pre-interview meeting.
    • It may be helpful to begin the interview by reviewing with the client their present case information.
    • Don't allow a vague response from the client to serve as an answer to an important question. Ask probing questions if the client has no adequate answer or you feel the client does not understand or recognize the importance of a particular question.
    • Impress upon the client that their eligibility for receiving cash benefits is running out. They may not fully understand the TANF time limit policy or the seriousness of their situation.
    • Have the client explain what they intend to do when their cash benefits end.
  2. (FCRC Team) Complete Learning Needs Screening (Form 4728).
    1. If the client scores 12 or more points, refer the client to DRS via the Referral Form (Form 2151) or the RD&C Referral Form (Form 2151C). Attach a copy of Form 4728, the client's RSP, and any available medical records.

      NOTE: ORS will determine if there is a need for a medical exam or vision and hearing screening. 

    2. If the client scores 11 or below, make other appropriate referrals via the RD&C Referral Form (Form 2151C).
  3. (FCRC Team) Do not conclude the discussion with the client until you feel that you have a good grasp of the family's situation.
  4. (FCRC Team) Document the results of the interview.
  5. (FCRC Team) Update the RSP.

    NOTE: When you reach this point, keep the client's counter in mind when you devise a plan of action for the client. 

  6. (FCRC Team) Tell the client that a meeting with a team of professionals will be held to review the results of the interview and to offer suggestions and direction for future action.

(FCRC Team) Schedule a follow-up meeting. Make sure to schedule the follow-up meeting far enough in advance to allow for the Multi-disciplinary Staffing.

  1. (FCRC Team) Complete Form 1721 and give it to the client to confirm the follow-up meeting.