PM 03-13-05-b: Client Interview

WAG 03-13-05-b.

At a minimum, the following parties must be present at the client interview:

  • the client,
  • the caseworker, and
  • the casework supervisor.

If at all possible, another professional support staff person is to be included in the interview.

Family Community Resource Center managers may be aware of special talents specific Family Community Resource Center staff have in areas of interviewing skills, customer relations, etc. Management may invite any of their staff to the interview whom they feel may in any way aid in assisting the client.

At a minimum, the following topics must be discussed during the client interview:

  • the counter and the number of cash months left,
  • what the client plans to do when cash benefits end,
  • the client's progress to date,
  • barriers to independence,
  • child support/paternity status,
  • employment history, and
  • self-sufficiency goals.

At the conclusion of the client interview, update the RSP and schedule a follow up meeting with the client.