01.03.10.c – PSCC: Deployed Military Families

Effective Date: 09/30/2016

Revisions: 11/01/18, 12/1/18, 06/18/2019, 7/11/2022

Reference: CCAP Protective Services Child Care (CCAP-PSCC) 45 CFR § 98.2 Definitions; 45 CFR § 98.46 Priority for Child Care Services; 45 CFR § 98.51 Subpart F, Services for Children Experiencing Homelessness.

Cross Reference: 01.03.01 - Two-Parent Household; 02.02.03 - Notification Eligibility Determination; and 01.01.01 - Residence

Policy Statement

Families applying for the Child Care Assistance Program that include at least one parent/guardian that has been or is being deployed in activity military service away from home with any branch of the United States Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Space Force or National Guard) will be approved for a 12-month eligibility period.

  1. Eligibility Criteria

    1. There are no employment or education/training requirements for any family member when one or more parents/guardians are deployed away from home.
    2. There is no income or assets limit for families with a deployed parent/guardian.
    3. Providers must meet all CCAP eligibility criteria (background checks, health and safety training, provider registrations documentation…) as described in CCAP Policy Manual Sections 05.01.01 through 05.05.01
    4. If a provider listed on the CCAP application does not meet CCAP qualification, the case should be approved using the "No Qualified Provider" CCMS ID (460328258720008).
      1. The CCR&R must issue a Request for Additional Information to inform the provider what is needed to become qualified.
      2. A Change of Provider packet should also be issued to the family.
      3. If the family needs a new provider, the family must be referred to the CCR&R parent services for a provider search. The CCR&R parent services should provide a list of highly qualified providers, including a Head Start Program, within five business days of receipt.
  2. Documentation Requirements

    1. IDHS Child Care CCAP Application (IL444-3455) with "Military Deployment" marked as Reason for Care. Reason for Care can be obtained verbally from the client and case noted in CCMS.
    2. Orders from any branch of the US Military that indicates a deployment date for either parent/guardian listed on the IL444-3455
    3. Requests for Additional Information (RAI) should only be sent to families transitioning from IFS for the following:
      1. Contact information (3455 Section 1);
      2. Child Care Provider Information and Legal Care Arrangement (3455 Section 6);
      3. Child Care Provider's Signature (3455 Section 7);
      4. Parent/Guardian's Signature (3455 Section 8);
      5. Orders indicating at least on parent/guardian's deployment date.
  3. Eligibility Periods and Copayments

    1. Families with a parent/guardian being deployed will be approved for a 12-month eligibility period that:
      1. Begins 30 days prior to the deployment date.
      2. To ensure at least 12 months of eligibility are approved:
        1. Cases that are approved starting on the first day of a month will be approved through the last day of the 12th month.
        2. Cases that are approved any day other than the first must be approved until the last day of the 13th month.
    2. Copayments for families transitioning from IFS will be waived for the entire eligibility period.
  4. Redeterminations

    1. A.CCMS will generate a Redetermination Form approaching the end of the 12-month eligibility period.
    2. If a Redetermination is not entered into the CCMS by the beginning of the 12th month of eligibility, a cancellation notice will be automatically generated with an effective date of the end of the eligibility period.
    3. If the Redetermination is returned within 30 days of the last date of eligibility, the family must meet all CCAP Redetermination eligibility criteria and documentation in CCAP Policy Section 02.03.01.
    4. Redeterminations received later than 30 days after the end of the eligibility period must meet all eligibility requirements for a new application.