PM 03-13-03: Teen Parent - Activity Compliance Requirement

WAG 03-13-03.

revised textA teen parent is a person who is under age 20 and is either pregnant, or is the verified parent of a child.

For teen parents who are applying for or receiving TANF, see:

A teen parent who has not completed their high school education must cooperate with earning a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) certificate.  If they do not make sufficient progress, they will be placed in Work Experience.

Failure to participate without good cause results in sanction when reconciliation is unsuccessful (see PM 03-13-05).

For teen parents whose assignment is to complete their high school education, there is no minimum hourly requirement.

Teen parents who are regularly attending the school program and making satisfactory progress toward their GED or high school diploma as determined by a passing grade are considered to be meeting their Participation Target. Do not require hours in another activity during school breaks for the student who is making satisfactory progress during the school term.

Receives adult payment standard:

A teen parent of any age who receives the TANF adult payment standard is included in Work-Eligible population and the State Work Participation Rate. A teen parent who has not completed their high school education may not be exempted from Work-Eligible status due to care of a child under age one. Other exemption reasons may apply. See PM 03-13-01.

Receives as a dependent child:

A teen parent who receives TANF as a dependent child with siblings and/or a parent is not included in the Work Participation Rate. However, the young parent is still required to cooperate with developing a RSP, and to complete their education. To qualify as a dependent child, see PM 03-04-02.