eWIC Information for Manufacturers

Redemption data is published quarterly.

Quarterly Reports

NOTE: Redeemed Quantity is the amount that was purchased, Applied Units is the amount deducted from the benefits. For example, 1 box of cereal was purchased but 16oz of cereal was deducted from the benefits.

Submitting Product Information for Review

If you think a product should be added to the APL, first verify that the item is a WIC Authorized food based on the criteria of the Approved Food List.

If an item meets the guidelines and is not on the Approved Food List, you may complete a UPC Submission request following the steps below.

To submit a product, complete the information on the IL WIC UPC Request Spreadsheet (xlsx).

All submissions must be for a product that is currently approved on the Illinois WIC Authorized Food List and include photos that clearly show the

  • Nutrition Facts, including ingredients,
  • size,
  • UPC,
  • product name and
  • brand.

Submit completed forms and photos to DHS.WICFoods@illinois.gov.