PM 03-13-01-b: FLSA and Deeming

WAG 03-13-01-b.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) determines the maximum number of hours to which we may assign an individual in work-like activities.

We cannot assign more hours than the total amount of cash and SNAP benefits divided by the larger of state or federal minimum wage for:

Deleted Reference 

  • Work Experience; or
  • Community Service.

For the three FLSA activities, the core 20/30 hour participation requirement is deemed met for a case when the client(s) participates the number of hours indicated by the FLSA calculation. 

If the hours calculated are greater than the Core requirement, use those hours toward meeting the Participation Target if additional hours are needed. If the hours calculated are greater than the Participation Target, only assign and hold the person accountable for hours up to the Target. If supplemental hours are needed to bring the case up to the Target, use any of the other Countable non-FLSA activities.