IX. Cash, Change, Credits, & Refunds

  • FMNP checks shall never be exchanged for cash.
  • Change, credits, or refunds shall never be given to a participant using FMNP checks.
  • Prices should be clearly marked to assist FMNP participants in using the full value of the checks.
  • Prices of fruits, vegetables and herbs sold to FMNP participants must not exceed prices to the general public for the same food item.
  • FMNP participants may only receive fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables and/or cut herbs in exchange for FMNP checks. Seniors may also receive approved forms of honey.
  • FMNP authorized farmers are prohibited from cashing FMNP checks accepted by a non-authorized farmer or exchanging checks for money.
  • Sales tax must not be charged on any items purchased with FMNP checks nor can the sales tax be included in the purchase price of items purchased with the FMNP checks.