VI. Becoming an Approved Farmer

All Farmers who wish to participate in the program must complete the following steps:

1. Application Process 

  • Farmer must have a valid email address and complete the following steps.
  • Farmer requests an application by emailing
  • Completes the Farmer Application Form via DocuSign
  • IDHS reviews Farmer Application Form 
  • Application deadline is August 31st

 2. Contractual Process

  • If Farmer Application Form is approved, an IDHS contract is emailed via DocuSign to the farmer. If application is not approved, a letter will be emailed to the farmer.
  • Farmer reads, signs and returns the contract to IDHS via DocuSign
  • IDHS signs contract resulting in the fully executed contract

 3. Authorized Farmer Package

  • Farmer is activated in IDHS database and will be sent an Authorized Farmer Packet by Postal Mail which includes: 
    • One contract executed letter to the farmer 
    • Two copies of the FMNP sign for display 
    • One rubber stamp with the assigned Farmer I.D. number (prior season Farmers will not receive a new stamp)

4. Authorized Farmer

  • Contact local WIC office to schedule a face-to-face or online video conference/virtual online training 
  • Displays FMNP sign at the market or roadside stand 
  • Begins accepting current FMNP Checks
  • Stamps Farmer I.D. number on the front of each check and endorse the back of each check
  • Deposits check(s) at local bank on a weekly basis

 When a farmer has received the Authorized Farmer Package, the farmer can now accept WIC and Senior Farmers' Market checks and deposit or cash the checks at their bank using the correct Farmer ID number located on the first page of their contract. Farmers are responsible for any changes to program policies and will be notified at the address on file.

  • Additional rubber stamps are the responsibility of the farmer. Contact the Bureau of Family Nutrition at (217) 782-2166 or email for information on ordering additional stamps.
  • Farmers participating in the FMNP must have grown a portion of the produce sold to WIC FMNP and Senior FMNP participants. Individuals, who exclusively sell produce grown by someone else, such as wholesale distributors, cannot be authorized to participate.
  • Farmers who have never had a FMNP contract must read the Farmer Training Manual and receive training either face-to-face or online video conference/virtually before accepting FMNP checks.
  • Farmers who have participated in FMNP in the past must read the training manual each year at a minimum. Individuals assisting a farmer with sales must be familiar with the manual and program guidelines.