PM 03-11-05: Obtaining an SSN for a New Unit Member

WAG 03-11-05.

Before adding a person (other than a newborn) to a TANF, Assist, or SNAP case, request the new member's SSN. If the new member cannot provide an SSN or proof that they applied for one, ask the person to complete an application for an SSN at SSA. Do not add the person (except for newborns and pregnant women) until you receive an SSN or proof that the person applied for one. When a SNAP unit reports the addition of a new member who is receiving TANF, Assist, or AABD, get the SSN from their case record.

For TANF, if the new member is an adult parent of a child in the case, is a U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen, and the person fails to comply with SSN policy, stop cash benefits for the entire Filing Unit.