Section 10: Utilities

Section 10:  Utilities

section 10 utilities

This screen displays the options available under Utilities.

Create Files -  Prepares files for data submission to DHS.

Update Files - Updates the PC files with results from DHS processing.

Load DHSCRS System File -  Allows a provider to quickly load a compressed system file sent by DHS.

Send DHSCRS System File - Allows a provider to quickly send a compressed system file using a proprietary compression method directly to the DHS mail server by Provider/Claims.

Purge/Compress Files - Releases storage space on the hard drive by deleting records and compressing the remaining records on the file.

Reload Purged Data - Reloads ROCS Service Reporting and Mental Health Billing data onto your computer.

Fix Damaged Files - Fixes damaged files at your computer site.

Create Seq. ASCII Files - Creates ASCII sequential files from DHSCRS databases that can be imported into user applications.

Roster Maintenance - Allows creation of ''Rosters'' for service programs whose population is static over a period of months.  After a roster is established, all the ID's for a given roster may be brought to the screen by keying a two-digit Roster ID.

View/Change MH Billing Rates - Allows for viewing or changing of MH Medicaid rates.

Print/View Directories - Prints contents of DHSCRS directories to assure all directories are present and that files are current on your computer.