PM 03-11-01-a: Enumeration at Birth (EAB)

WAG 03-11-01-a.

This program allows a parent to apply for an SSN for their newborn while in the hospital. SSA processes the application, assigns an SSN, and mails the card to the client.

Accept a copy of a birth certificate which shows that a Social Security Number was applied for, shows the name of the baby, and shows the parent(s), and shows the baby's date of birth as verification of compliance with enumeration policy. Do not accept a certificate that appears altered on any of these items and that is not a certified original. Accept certified originals only.

Accept the following forms of verification for compliance with the enumeration policy:

  • SSA 5028 - Receipt of Application for an SSN Card;
  • SSA 2853 - Enumeration at Birth including the child's name and the signature of a hospital official;
  • child's certified birth certificate indicating the EAB option;
  • copy of the original birth certificate which contains the name of the hospital and the name of an authorized hospital official indicating EAB option;
  • copy of an SOLQ inquiry that lists the child's name, date of birth, and an SSN with a letter V shown in SSN Status;
  • child's Social Security card.

Under federal law, a parent of a newborn has until the first day of the 2nd calendar month after the birth of the child or the mother's discharge from the hospital to apply for an SSN for the child. For example, if the mother was discharged from the hospital on February 15, she has until March 31 to apply for an SSN for the newborn.