Funded Organizations in Rock Island as of October 13, 2023

RPSA Investments:

Find youth employment, youth empowerment and enrichment, and violence prevention programs by clicking on the linked programs below. Participating programs will be updated regularly.

Violence Prevention

Services Provided: RPSA Violence Prevention Programming provides evidence based interventions to engage individuals at the highest risk of firearm violence. All programs include Street Outreach, Case Management and Victim Services.

Youth Development

Services Provided: RPSA Youth Development programming provides the following menu of prevention-focused, youth development areas of service:

  1. Improving academic performance
  2. Life skills education
  3. Caregiver involvement
  4. Recreation, sports, and cultural and artistic activities
  5. Positive adult mentors

6. Service learning

7. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Learning

8. Additional services appropriate to the youth and/or their community may also be provided.

  1. YWCA of Quad Cities
  2. Christian Friendliness Association, Inc dba Youth Hope
    • Program Contact for Enrollment in Services: Hannah Carr;

Trauma Informed Behavioral Health

Services provided: RPSA Trauma Informed Behavioral Services Programming provides screening and assessment; psychoeducation (including but not limited to psychological first aid); navigation/service linkage; and behavioral health therapy to youth and young adults ages 6-24.

  • TBD

Violence Prevention Coordination Council (VPCC)

The VPCC serves as a lead agency who will work across each community to coordinate violence prevention resources and to continue the work of each Municipality's Local Advisory Council (LAC). Required programming include but not limited to:

  1. VPCC management and continuation of LAC model
  2. Coordinate community response activities in coordination with other community stakeholders
  3. Provide consistent feedback to OFVP on municipality best practices, challenges and barriers
  • TBD

Youth Development Summer Expansion Grantees

Services Provided:

  1. Teen Reach: After-school program for at-risk youth between 6 and 17 years old, designed to expand opportunities to enable, empower and encourage youth to achieve personal growth, improve expectations and capacity for future success - including avoiding and reducing risk-taking behavior.
  2. Community Youth Services (CYS): Community organizing, education, and outreach to build awareness and community capacity around violence prevention efforts.
  3. Illinois Youth Investment Program (IYIP): Youth Employment Services at a wage of at least $15 per hour. Services include: Short-term, Summer Employment, Targeted Long-term Employment, Career Development - Industry-linked Long-term Employment, Expansion of Industry-Linked Career Development Opportunities, Job Readiness, and Social and Emotional Support

Other Teen Reach, COMPREHENSIVE COMMUNITY BASED YOUTH SERVICES, Homeless Youth, Illinois Youth Investment Program, ReDeploy Illinois, Rural Youth Services Enhanced