01.03.08 - Strike

Effective Date:10/01/2018

Revisions: 12/10/2019, 5/1/2022

Reference: 02.04.01 Loss of Activity

Policy Statement:

Parents/guardians who are on strike will continue their 12-month eligibility period

Eligible days can be increased to full-time for school-age children if their school is closed, they are in the care of the provider and the parent/guardian's activity schedule supports the care


  1. See Section 02.04.01 for details on temporary loss of activity policy and processing. 
  2. The CCAP Center Certificate Reports (Form IL-3492A) and Site Monthly Enrollment Reports (MER) have areas for providers to indicate when the child care schedule has changed and the reason for the change. Certificates for home providers (Form IL444-3492) do not have a space for this adjustment.
  3. CCAP staff should accept all written and verbal requests for increased days and changes in care schedules (from part time/school age to full time) for families with school-age children enrolled in schools affected by a strike without any additional documentation.
  4. School districts that are affected by strikes may authorize an emergency plan to shelter and feed students should teachers walk off the job. CCAP staff should not assume that all providers will be asked to provide additional care during the strike. However, if a provider fails to indicate or make changes to the initial billing certificate and later requests a supplemental payment due to the strike, CCAP staff should approve the additional time and enter the supplemental payments without additional documentation.
  5. Changes in eligible days will not change the co-payment amounts.
  6. Co-payment amounts can be reduced if the parent/guardian reports a decrease in income due to being on strike.
  7. In the days leading up to the strike, clients or providers may inquire about how the school closures will impact their case or payment. CCAP staff should inform callers that changes to the care schedule will be allowed. 
  8. Instruct the caller to have the provider indicate the change on their billing certificate. This will relieve CCAP staff from having to make additional changes to the system.
  9. Please document your actions through case notes.