Peoria Family Community Resource Center Relocation

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  • On April 26, 2022 the Peoria Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) is relocating.
  • The Peoria FCRC will be open to customers at the new location on April 27, 2022.
  • A client notice announcing the relocation will be mailed to customers.

On April 26, 2022 the Peoria FCRC will be relocating to a new address. The Peoria FCRC will be open to customers at the new location on April 27, 2022. The new location and contact information is:


103 N E Jefferson Avenue

Peoria, Illinois 61602-1210

Phone Numbers

Phone: (309) 671-8100

TTY: (866) 451-5763

Fax: (309) 671-8133

Client Notice CN 22.02/CN 22.02S announcing the relocation will be mailed to existing customers serviced by the Peoria FCRC.

Gracie B. Hou

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services