April 7, 2022 DDD Communication

Good Afternoon,

April is Autism Acceptance Month! The shift from awareness to acceptance is important. While people may be aware that Autism exists the shift to acceptance seeks to emphasize the acceptance and inclusion for everyone in the Autism community!



The Division is excited to announce that it has updated the Human Rights Committee Curriculum. It was been updated by a diverse group of stakeholders that included providers, self-advocates, advocacy organizations, guardians and Division staff. You can find the Manual: Human Rights Committee Curriculum. Our HRC Committee Chairperson training uses this curriculum though the Division encourages all members of HRC to be familiar with the content.


CORRECTED Rate Sheets for the 5-8 bed 24 Hour CILA effective 1/1/2022, with no COVID Premiums, are going out by the end of this week.


Last week the Division released 3 updated information bulletins. Changes on all three include:

  • Clarification for documentation and signatures
    • Requiring in person signatures for Personal Plans, Service Authorizations, Service Agreements, etc. We recognize there may be times when an in-person visit isn't possible for COVID reasons. In these situations, we're allowing a verbal or e-mail approval initially, but an original signature is required on the document within 90 days of the verbal or e-mail approval.
    • Specifying that the verbal or e-mail signature must be documented in the signature section of the document and must include the date, time, how the signature/approval was received, reason the signature isn't an original, and the name and signature of the person who received the verbal or e-mail signature.
    • Allowing electronic/digital signatures for the time being and we identified the parameters that must be met for this to be allowed.
  • Clarification for Remote Activities
    • Though we believe all waiver services should be provided in person, we are approving some services to be provided remotely. We identified the services which can provide remote services.
    • We identified the process that must be followed to ensure individual, family/guardian, and provider choice.
    • We identified audit trail documentation requirements when providing remote activities or services.

Changes to specific information bulletins include:

UPDATED V.4 - COVID-19 Community Day Services (CDS) & Residential Rates and Reimbursement

  • Language ending the CDS COVID premium as of 3/31/22 and a reminder of the CILA COVID premium ending 6/30/22.
  • Ongoing process and guidance for the Enhanced Residential (37U) (formerly At-Home Day) requests.

UPDATED - V.3 - ISC Remote Monitoring ActivitiesNotification of the ISC Visits increasing to 4 visits as outlined in the Adult Waiver renewal effective 7/1/22.

  • Removal of references to the Re-Open Illinois Plan.

UPDATED - V.4 - COVID-19 Home Based Support (HBS), Bogard Specialized Services & Fee-for-Service Billing, Agency and Consumer Guidance

  • No additional changes of note.


Reminder! DDD has extended two Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs) until Friday, April 15, 2022.

As part of the State's requirements under the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA), state agencies are required to release a competitive application (the NOFO) for all grants. The grants are for 1-year terms with the potential option of extending for two additional 1-year terms. As previously stated, both of these NOFOs have exhausted their 3-year grant cycles, and thus must be competitively bid via the NOFOs.

Dental Program (444-24-0829):

Latinx Outreach (444-24-1508):


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