Section 05: Client Data Information

Section 5:  Client Data Information

Client Data menu

This screen displays the selection process for Client Data information.  After selecting Client Data from the Menu bar, a drop down list will be displayed.  The entry screens for the list options are described later in this Section.

Client Data is accessed by clicking on Client Data in the menu bar and selecting one of the following options:


  • Add - This option displays the screens which create client registration records for new clients.
  • Change - This option displays the screens on which changes may be made to data items for clients already opened.
  • Close - This option displays the screen which collects closing data for open clients.
  • Change ID ONLY - This option is used to change an individual's client ID. (If there are any Services/Bills which are in SUBMIT status, the Client ID change cannot be processed.)
  • Delete - This option allows for deletion of client registration records for a client who has never received services.
  • Inquire - This option allows inquiry on demographic, MH, DD, and guardian information for a particular client. No updates will be performed from this option.
  • Client List - This option can be used for multiple purposes. Specific records may be selected. After processing, the Client List will load. Individual records may then be accessed for inquiry or correction.


  • Add/Change Income Information - This option is used to add or change the client's monthly income information. (Income information must be updated at least once a year.)
  • Inquire Income Information - This option is used to inquire on a client's income information providing a six month view.


  • Service Agreements - (Optional - effective 7/01/02) This option displays the screen which enables you to enter and maintain service agreement information for clients being served through the Bogard Specialized Services program.