PM 06-16-09: Crimes Which Disqualify a Provider

WAG 06-16-09

A person is not a qualified provider if the person has been convicted of committing or attempting to commit one or more of the following crimes:


  • Murder;
  • Solicitation of murder;
  • Solicitation of murder for hire;
  • Intentional homicide of an unborn child;
  • Voluntary manslaughter of an unborn child;
  • Involuntary manslaughter;
  • Reckless homicide;
  • Concealment of a homicidal death;
  • Involuntary manslaughter of an unborn child;
  • Reckless homicide of an unborn child; and/or
  • Drug-induced homicide.


  • Kidnaping;
  • Aggravated kidnaping;
  • Aggravated unlawful restraint;
  • Felony unlawful restraint;
  • Forcible detention;
  • Child abduction;
  • Aiding and abetting a child abduction; and
  • Harboring a runaway.


  • Indecent solicitation of a child;
  • Indecent solicitation of an adult;
  • Public indecency;
  • Sexual exploitation of a child;
  • Sexual relations within families;
  • Prostitution;
  • Soliciting for a prostitute;
  • Soliciting for a juvenile prostitute;
  • Solicitation of a sexual act;
  • Pandering;
  • Keeping a place of prostitution;
  • Patronizing a prostitute;
  • Patronizing a juvenile prostitute;
  • Pimping;
  • Juvenile pimping;
  • Exploitation of a child;
  • Obscenity;
  • Child pornography;
  • Harmful material; and/or
  • Tie-in sales of obscene publications to distributors.


  • Heinous battery;
  • Aggravated battery with a firearm;
  • Aggravated battery of a child;
  • Tampering with food, drugs, or cosmetics;
  • Hate crime;
  • Stalking;
  • Aggravated stalking;
  • Threatening public officials;
  • Home invasion;
  • Vehicular invasion;
  • Drug-induced infliction of great bodily harm;
  • Criminal sexual assault;
  • Aggravated criminal sexual assault;
  • Criminal transmission of HIV;
  • Criminal neglect of an elderly or disabled person;
  • Child abandonment;
  • Endangering the life or health of a child;
  • Ritual mutilation; and/or
  • Ritualized abuse of a child.


  • Cannabis trafficking;
  • Delivery of cannabis on school grounds;
  • Calculated criminal cannabis delivery;
  • Possession of a controlled substance;
  • Unauthorized manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance;
  • Controlled substance trafficking;
  • Manufacture, distribution, advertisement of look-alike substances;
  • Calculated criminal drug conspiracy;
  • Permitting unlawful use of a building;
  • Delivery of controlled, counterfeit, or look-alike substances to persons under age 18 or at truck stops, rest stops, safety rest areas, or on school property;
  • Using, engaging, or employing persons under 18 to deliver controlled, counterfeit, or look-alike substances;
  • Delivery of controlled substances;
  • Sale or delivery of drug paraphernalia;
  • Felony possession, sale or exchange of instruments adapted for use of controlled substances or cannabis by subcutaneous injection.