Ending a Child Support Sanction

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  • This memo revises the Child Support Cooperation policy issued in memo TANF Sanction Policy Changes dated 12/20/2019.
  • Effective immediately, TANF customers sanctioned for non-cooperation with Child Support Services can no longer have the TANF sanction removed with only a signature on form IL444-3180 Agreement to Meet Program Requirements.
  • Effective immediately, TANF customers must comply and cooperate with Child Support Services before ending the sanction.

This policy memorandum explains the cooperation requirement with Child Support Services when a TANF customer has been sanctioned for non-cooperation. This memo revises the Child Support Cooperation policy found in memo TANF Sanction Policy Changes dated 12/20/2019. 

Child Support Penalty

To be eligible for TANF benefits, the customer must be willing to comply with Child Support Services, unless good cause exists. A customer who states that they refuse to cooperate with the child support requirements, without claiming good cause, is not eligible for TANF benefits (see PM 24-04-02).

When a customer fails to comply with a child support requirement without a valid reason, the TANF grant may be sanctioned. Before deciding to impose a sanction, staff must have unsuccessfully attempted reconciliation with the customer (see PM 24-04-03).

Child Support Cooperation

When a person fails to cooperate with Child Support Services, form HFS 1611 Notice of Failure to Cooperate is posted in Mobius. Start the reconciliation process immediately, but no later than 45 calendar days from the date HFS Division of Child Support Services (DCSS)  posts form HFS 1611 Notice of Failure to Cooperate in Mobius. If the customer is willing to cooperate with DCSS, complete form IL444-3180 Agreement to Meet Program Requirements and obtain the customer's signature. Refer the customer to DCSS. 

Ending Child Support Sanction/IES

Effective immediately, the FCRC must receive confirmation from DCSS that the customer has cooperated before removing the sanction. End the sanction when the FCRC receives confirmation from DCSS that the customer has complied with whatever caused the sanction. Use the date on form HFS 493 Change in Case/Non-Custodial Parent Status as the date of cooperation. In IES complete the Compliance Information section on the Child Support Non-Cooperation-Details page by entering the date of cooperation in the date field next to Signed Form Received (Medical and Cash).

IES Changes

An IES enhancement request has been submitted to change the Child Support Non-Cooperation-Details page. The title of the Signed Form Received (Medical and Cash) field will be changed in the future to indicate the date of Child Support compliance.

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Grace B. Hou

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services

Form referenced:


HFS 493

HFS 1611