WAG 06-16-07-d: School Attendance

revised textPM 06-16-07-d

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Use the charts in WAG 25-03-14 to find the copayment amount.

new textUse Table B copayments for families when:

  • all the children in care are school-age (age 5 or older as of September of school year);and
  • the family is approved for part-day/school age care; and
  • the care is provided in months September through May.

Use Table A copayments in all other instances.

revised textExample 1: Ms. A has one school-age child, and one child who is age 3. Use the Table A Copayment for family size of 3 for all months of care.

new textExample 2: Mr. B has 3 school-age children who receive care during the month of April. Use the Table B copayment for family size of 4 for April. Use the Table A copayment for care provided in June, July and August.

new textExample 3: Ms. C has 2 school-age children who attend a school with a year-round schedule. School is in session in June, but not in December. Use the Table A copayment for family size of 3 for care provided in June. Use the Table B copayment for care provided in December.