WAG 06-16-05-c: Redirected Child Care Payments

PM 06-16-05-c

(Staff) Redirect all child care payments to the provider's address in the client's name. Since the payment is in the client's name, the client must sign the payment over to the child care provider.

When a client has more than one child care provider, determine the payment amount for each source separately and issue a separate redirected payment to each provider.

NOTE: Redirected child care payments cannot be sent to an Illinois Link account or through Direct Deposit.

To verify if child care has been issued, check the recipient payment ledger (PF-6).

Child Care Provider Does Not Live with the Client

(Staff) To redirect a child care payment to a provider who does not live with the client, complete Form 552 as follows:

Item 1 -Complete.
Item 2 -Enter the month and year (4-digits) which the payment covers.
Item 3 -Enter TA 31.
Item 4 -Enter 2.
Items 5 & 6 -Complete.
Item 8 -Enter the child care provider's name.
Item 9 -Enter the provider's street address.
Item 10 -Enter the provider's city, state, and zip code.
Item 33 -Enter 12.
Item 38 -Enter the payment amount to this child care provider for the month entered in Item 2.
REMARKS -Enter the client's last name.
Item 75 -Enter the child care provider's SSN, or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
Item 80 -Enter the correct Item 80 child care code, amount, 4-digit designator code under PERSONS, and number of children under SUP. BY (see WAG 27-80-01-c).

(System) Sends the child care payment in the client's name to the provider's address in care of (c/o) the provider.

Child Care Provider Lives with the Client

(Staff) When the child care provider lives with the client, complete Form 552 as described in the section where the provider does not live with the client, with the following exceptions:

Item 9 -Leave blank.
Item 10 -Leave blank.
Item 33 -Enter 15.

(System) Sends the child care payment in the client's name to the client's address in care of (c/o) the provider.

Provider Cannot Cash Redirected Child Care Check

  1. (Staff) When a child care provider is owed payment for services provided, but is unable to cash the redirected check (e.g., client has moved out of state, client is unavailable to sign the check and pay the provider, etc.), determine who authorized the child care payment. Whoever authorized the original child care payment is responsible for providing the payment to the provider.
  2. (Staff) Attempt to contact the client and inform them that a child care check is being held by the child care provider.
  3. (Staff) If the client cannot be located, inform the child care provider to return the redirected check.
  4. (Staff) When you receive the returned check, void it and prepare C-13, Invoice Voucher, in the amount of the check. Make the voucher payable to the provider. See WAG 22-02-04 for how to replace the check.