DD Advisory Committee - February 15, 2022

Meeting Information

  • Date: February 15, 2022
  • Time: 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • Location: Meeting will be held by WebEx Video Conference/Call-In, information is below

Question for the Day

The Division tracks the types of supports needed by individuals on PUNS in order to understand future service needs. For those individuals who are receiving HCBS funded services, the Division understands the current service options might not be meeting their needs. We would like to ensure we are tracking changes in need and/or unmet need(s) for individuals already receiving HCBS funded services.

What is an unmet need? How is it defined? If the Division were to track "unmet needs" what types of things need to be tracked? The Division will be starting a new workgroup that will try to answer these questions and make recommendations around specific ways that unmet needs may be tracked.

 You can respond directly to me at Allison.stark@illinois.gov or to the group.

Agenda Items

  • Roll call/Introductions
  • DDD Budget (Allison)
  • Administrative Rules (Allison)
  • Waiver Renewals Update (Derek)
  • DSP Training Vision (Allison)
  • PCP Process & Capacity Analysis (Meg/Caitlin)
  • Working Groups:
    • Unmet Needs (Introduction)
    • AT & Enabling Technology (Derek/Beth)
    • Home Based Services (Meg/Hollis)
    • Settings Rule Implementation (Meg/Kim)
    • Staffing Solutions (Allison/Kathy)
    • Rule 116 (Jen)
  • Public Comment
  • Next Meeting
  • Adjournment

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