Section 02: System Requirements

Section 2: System Requirements

The DHSCRS software is designed to operate off a PC hard disk drive or network drive.

Only one agency (one unique FEIN number) may use this software per PC computer drive indicator. The DHSCRS software cannot handle different agencies (different agency FEIN numbers) using the same software on the same drive.

Multiple users are possible simultaneously from different PC computers using the DHSCRS software via a network.  Only one user can access the billing or client records at a time.

Computer Requirements

  • DHSCRS software versions 6.0 and above is compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows 10 and 11 Professional. Only the Professional version is supported.  ROCS version 6.02 and higher require a license key to work properly
  • Home Premium versions of these operating systems are not recommended or supported.
  • MAC computers are not supported.
  • For more information send an email message to