GA FY23-444-26-1693-01

CSFA: 444-26-1693

Access to Medication Assisted Treatment Pilot Grants

Popular Name: IL STR - AMAT

Registration and Pre-Qualification

Prior to applying for any Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), every applicant must first be registered and prequalified through the following steps. This must be done on or before the application's due date or their application CANNOT be accepted.

  • Apply for or update their DUNS number. This must be done yearly.
  • Apply for or update their SAM registration and receive a SAM cage code. This must be done yearly.
  • Be registered and in good standing with the Illinois Secretary of State.  (This is not required of governmental entities and schools.)
  •  Register with the GATA/CSFA system. The system will automatically check your registrations with the above mentioned systems. It will also check to see if your entity is on the federal excluded parties list and if your entity is on the State of Illinois Stop Pay/Compliance list. If your entity is not up-to-date on the registrations, or is listed on the federal list or Illinois Stop Pay/Compliance list, your application will not be accepted until these situations are resolved. If a change to the registration information is needed at a later date, grantees may re-enter the system .

No applications can be accepted for review until these steps are successfully accomplished. (Only after your entity has completed the above registration/pre-qualification steps will a state agency be allowed to accept your grant application for consideration, and that application must still be submitted by the respective due date.)

To apply for a FY2023 DHS SUPR award for the same services you were providing in FY2022, all grantees must complete the Pre-Qualification Process, and Internal Controls Questionnaire, through the Grantee Portal.

The Grant Application and Uniform Grant Budget are to be completed for every program/grant.

At the time of application, all grantees must submit for each grant program the following documents:

  1. Grant Application GA-1693: GA-26-1693 (pdf)
  2. Uniform Grant Budget printed from the CSA Tracking System.

Your Organization's Name and Opportunity Number "FY23-444-26-1693-01" and the program contact (not your name) must be in the subject line. Inside the email you should have your name and contact information.

Specifically, the subject line of your email must be: Your Organization's Name, FY2023-444-26-1693-01, Joseph Tracy

The 1 email will have 2 attachments, the Grant Application and the Budget.

The Grant Application file must be named "Your Organization's Name FY2023-26-1693-01 GA Joseph Tracy.pdf"

The Budget file must be named "Your Organization's Name FY2023-444-26-1693-01 Budget Joseph Tracy.pdf"

If you have trouble emailing the document due to the file size, or if your agency auto-encrypts emails, please utilize the CMS File Transfer Utility.

Encrypted emails will not be accepted. Send your email from an account that can accept reply emails. "cc" your Program contact and your Business/Administrative Office contact. If you scan a document at an office supply store, send the email to your email account. Then save the document according to the naming requirements. In the email, state your name, your title, your agency Name, and a phone number that can be called.

Please follow the instructions to attach your application. Remember to include the subject line above.

After your application is approved you will receive a Notice Of State Award (NOSA), that must be accepted through the Grantee Portal before an agreement can be issued. Click "Accept" on the NOSA. You do not need to print or email the NOSA