PM 06-16-01: Client Rights

WAG 06-16-01

A client has a right to appropriate child care that:

  • meets the child's needs;
  • is dependable;
  • meets State requirements for legal care;
  • doesn't cost more than the State rate; and
  • is close enough that their travel time isn't more than 25% of their work or activity time.

If such child care is not available, do not deny, reduce, or stop benefits for refusal or failure to work or take part in activities. Lack of child care is good cause for noncooperation. It does not extend the 60-month limit on receipt of TANF.

A change in the manner of payment for ongoing child care benefits is not subject to timely notice requirements, unless the change results in benefits being canceled, suspended, or reduced, or it forces a change in child care arrangements.

Do not continue child care payments at the previous level if a client appeals a change in the payment on or before the date of change. Carry out the action/inaction regarding the child care payment.