WAG 06-14-05-a: FamilyCare Assist

To continue QI-1 for a person receiving FamilyCare Assist, when the person loses eligibility for spenddown:

  1. Delete the QI-1 eligible person from the unit or cancel the case, as appropriate.
  2. Send client Form 157 that says medical is ending.
    1. 2a. Add the following statement after the box checked "medical assistance".

      You will continue to receive assistance with payment of Medicare Part B SMIB premiums as a Qualified Individual (QI-1). 

  3. Copy the most current application to use for the QI-1 case.
  4. Reregister the application using Form 552 as the QI-1 application.
  5. Assign the appropriate category (91, 92, or 93) and case ID.
  6. Approve the application (see WAG 17-02-04).