WAG 06-14-02-b: Dual Eligibility

PM 06-14-02-b

  1. Follow QMB procedures for processing QI-1 dual eligibility applications (see WAG 06-12-02-b).
    1. Verify enrollment in Medicare Part A and Part B. Use either the Medicare card, SOLQ response, or BENDEX.
    2. Use Form 2382M to determine monthly countable income to apply to QI-1 income limit for Part A beneficiaries in spenddown cases and for clients in long term care facilities.
  2. In Item 60 after Code QMB, status indicator code 3, enter the 6-digit (month/year) effective date for QI-1 eligibility. QI-1 benefits may be effective 3 months before the application month, if applicant met eligibility requirements during this period.