PM 06-14-00: Qualified Individuals Program

WAG 06-14-00.

Qualified Individuals-1 (QI-1) meet all the eligibility requirements for Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB), except countable income must be more than 120% of the FPL and equal to or less than 135% FPL. HFS pays Medicare Part B Supplemental Medical Insurance Benefits (SMIB) premiums through the SMIB Buy-In program. This is the only benefit an eligible person receives.

Persons eligible for QI-1 may participate in the Department of Revenue's Pharmaceutical Assistance Program.

The Family Community Resource Center decides if a person in spenddown or applying for medical is eligible for QI-1.

For AABD clients, HFS has no claim against the estate of a client who only receives QI-1.