WAG 06-13-02-a: SLIB Only

PM 06-13-02-a.

  1. Follow QMB procedures for processing SLIB Only applications (see WAG 06-12-02-a), except:
    1. Verify enrollment in Medicare Part A and Part B.
    2. Use the SLIB income limit to compare countable income.
    3. Follow AABD Medical budgeting procedures for figuring countable monthly income (see WAG 15-04-03).
    4. Use Form 2382M to compare the applicant's countable income to the SLIB income limit.
  2. If eligible for SLIB Only, approve the application through AIS or IPACS (see WAG 17-02-04 for AIS, or WAG 25-08-02-d for IPACS). Enter additional information on Form 552:
    • Item 60 -Enter the Medicare claim number. Also enter status indicator 8 after code QMB on Line 4. Determine SLIB eligibility date and enter it after code QMB. SLIB eligibility may be effective retroactive 3 months before the month of the SLIB application, if applicant met eligibility factors during this period.

      Enter the HIB and SMIB status indicator codes and dates, if needed.