PM 06-12-02-a: QMB Only (AABD)

WAG 06-12-02-a.

A face-to-face interview is not required. Give the applicant the QMB information sheet and brochures. An application for QMB only benefits is not required to approve QMB benefits on an active case. The original application is sufficient.

Accept the applicant's statement of information on the QMB application, except for Medicare Part A enrollment.

The client must meet all nonfinancial eligibility requirements. Obtain and report Third Party Liability (TPL) information.

Approve or deny applications within 45 days of receipt.

QMB eligibility starts the first day of the month after the month the application is approved.

NOTE: HFS has a claim on the estate of a deceased person for the amount of Medicare cost-sharing expenses paid by the Department. The claim is for cost-sharing paid for QMB clients age 55 and over (see PM 23-09-02-a).