FY22 Reimagine Public Safety Act (RPSA) High Risk Youth Intervention Services NOFO Summary

The Reimagine Public Safety Act (RPSA) calls for a comprehensive approach to reducing firearm violence through targeted community investments. This notice reviews the second of three NOFOs that will be released to solicit proposals for serving eligible areas in the City of Chicago. Please see list of the currently eligible service areas in Chicago and Greater Illinois municipalities.The Illinois Office of Firearm Violence Prevention (OFVP), housed at the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS), intends to fund 2-4 providers (total) to serve the eligible Chicago service areas. Each provider will be assigned up to 13 eligible service areas for which they will be responsible for accepting referrals to serve high-risk youth. Through the competitive Merit-Based review and selection process, the OFVP anticipates funding applicants who demonstrate a high level of experience in working with and delivering individualized assessment-based case management services to at-risk or high-risk youth.

Award Information

  • Grant awards will cover a 22-month period (May 1, 2022 to June 30, 2024)
  • The FY22 grant period will begin upon execution of the grant and will continue through 6/30/2022. with renewal opportunities for subsequent fiscal years.
  • The grant application is due to IDHS no later than 12pm Wednesday, 3/30/22.

Program Requirements

The goal of the Reimagine High-Risk Youth Intervention Services (HRYIS) program is to provide high-risk youth with evidence-based intervention services that reduce involvement in the criminal and juvenile system, increase school attendance, and when necessary, refer high-risk youth into therapeutic programs that address trauma recovery and other mental health improvements.

Eligibility Information and Grant Funding Requirements

Only proposals from eligible organizations will be reviewed. Eligible organizations must meet the following criteria:

  • MUST be GATA prequalified. To learn more information, visit the on the IDHS website.
  • Applicant organizations must hold a current Medicaid certification.

Training and Technical Assistance

For new organizations and organizations with limited experience providing out-of-school programming, additional training and technical assistance may be required by the OFVP to assist with program development. Additional training requirements will be based in part on the applicant's response on the program-specific questions on the Programmatic Risk Assessment. (Refer to Section C.4: Pre-Award Requirements in the full RPSA High Risk Youth Intervention Services NOFO for more information.)

Additional Information and Directions to Apply

  • Application materials are provided throughout this announcement. Appendices will be made available in user/printer friendly format and may be found on theIllinois Department of Human Services website. Additional copies may be obtained by contacting the Department at the email address below.
    • Email Address: DHS.ViolencePreventionServices@illinois.gov
    • Subject Line: RYD 22-444-80-2776 Request
    • Phone: 217.557.2943
  • Applicants must be registered in the CSA Tracking System to enable the applicant to submit a signed budget in CSA by the application due date. For instructions on registering in CSA, refer to How to Register in CSA.

For additional help and step by step instructions on registering in CSA, refer to How to Sign Up for CSA & CRV.

For complete information regarding application award and submission information, program and funding requirements, and applicant eligibility information, please see the full RPSA High Risk Youth Intervention Services NOFO.