Instruction Manual for User Created File Submission to DHS


This manual sets the guidelines for the creation and submission of files of Mental Health and Developmental Disability data to the Department of Human Services (DHS) by community agencies using their own system to develop these files.

Each community agency must be responsible for the quality of its data. The rules for the creation of data files must be followed exactly to ensure the reliability of the data and to minimize the chances of error. This requires close contact between the agency's data processing personnel and the agency's staff that is responsible for reporting data to the DHS. This communication between the two entities is essential to the success of the system. It enables the agency to resolve problems with the input quickly and prevents a high error rate that, once started, becomes difficult to resolve. The community agency has the sole responsibility for the proper positioning and quality of the data.

The Department of Human Services will notify the community agency in a timely manner of any changes to the current data or addition of new data that will require modification to the data record.

Questions concerning the content of this manual should be directed to the Unified Health Systems (UHS) Help Desk at 217-785-9559 or e-mail