PM 06-12-01: QMB Eligibility

WAG 06-12-01.

To be eligible for QMB a person must:

  • be a current Medicare Part A beneficiary;
  • meet nonfinancial Medicaid eligibility requirements:
    • Social Security number,
    • citizenship,
    • residency, and
    • assignment of medical support rights;
  • have income at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level; and
  • have nonexempt assets less than the QMB asset standard (see PM 06-12-01-a).

NOTE: A person recently enrolled in Part A coverage is not considered a QMB until the first month they actually receive Part A coverage.

Persons who are age 22 through 64, and who reside in DHS facilities which are not covered settings, are not eligible for QMB benefits.