Budget Requirements (23-444-22-1253)

The applicant must develop a budget consistent with program requirements.

A separate budget and budget narrative need to be completed, electronically signed, and submitted in the CSA tracking system with the status as "GATA Budget signed and submitted to program review" for each location you are serving. Under "NOFO Suffix" Column in CSA you must include the suffix listed below.

  1. Location 1: 1WC (The Bryn Mawr Apartments, 5550 N. Kenmore, Chicago, IL 60640, Williams Services)
  2. Location 2: 2WC (Crandon Avenue Apartment, 7308 S. Crandon Avenue #207, Chicago, IL 60649, Williams Services)
  3. Location 3: 3WC (The Studios, 1801 S Wabash Ave Chicago, IL 60616, Williams Services)
  4. Location 4: 4WC (Warren Apartments, 1533 W Warren Blvd Chicago, IL 60607, Williams Services)
  5. Location 5: 5CC (The Kilpatrick Renaissance, 4655 W Berteau Ave, Chicago, IL 60641, Colbert Services)
  6. Location 6: 6CC (Renaissance St. Luke, 1501 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, Colbert Services)

For example, if an applicant applies for funding for Location 1 and Location 5, two budgets must be submitted, one associated with each location for the program.

Applicants will need to include only the amount for which they are applying, for the specific location on each individual budget.

The budget must be completed prior to the deadline, which is the same date the application is due.

Uniform Grant Budget Template | Instructions