Contract and Amendment Procedures

Title XX Social Services (DFI)
Program Manual FY23

  1. Uniform Grant Agreement/Uniform Intergovernmental Grant Agreement (UGA/UIGA)
  2. Title XX Social Services Block Grant, Donated Funds Initiative Application and Program Plan
  3. UGA Amendment

A. Uniform Grant Agreement (UGA)

(Note: The UGA is used to refer to all Grant agreements with IDHS.  Non-Grant agreements would be considered Administrative Contracts.)

The DHS UGA contains standard contract language used for all IDHS agreements.

The Program Plan contains specific agreement requirements related to programs funded through the Title XX Social Services Block Grant. The Donated Funds Initiative Program Plan sets forth supplemental contractual obligations between the provider and IDHS. The Program Plan is intended to relate to the programmatic areas of the Office Adult Services and Basic Supports, Bureau of Basic Supports - Title XX, Donated Funds Initiative.

The Funding and Service Level Form indicates the contract information, the type of services, the method of payment, the method of reconciliation and the contract estimated amount.

To provide social services through the Title XX Social Services Block Grant, Donated Funds Initiative, providers must have a fully executed set of documents that have been approved and signed by the Secretary of the IDHS. The Uniform Grant Agreement is between IDHS and the provider and is the legally binding document to implement services consistent with the Program Plan and the Funding and Service Level document; these three documents delineate the services, duties and responsibilities of the provider in implementing the program under applicable state and federal regulations.

During the Spring of each year, the Bureau of Basic Supports - Title XX reviews existing UGA's (the Agreement) to determine program funding levels for the next fiscal year subject to the availability of an approved state appropriation and the availability of federal funds for the purpose outlined in the agreement. The Bureau will send documents via electronic email such as the Agreement, funding revision form, or any attachments to the Agreement. The provider will reviews, signs and then returns the signature page to IDHS. The IDHS will also signature, and return a copy of the executed Agreement to the provider.

Providers may subcontract for Title XX Donated Funds Initiative services. All subcontracts must reflect the standard contract language included in the IDHS UGA and the Funding and Service Level form in connection with the Program Plan. Subcontracts must have IDHS approval.

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B. Title XX Social Services Block Grant, Donated Funds Initiative Application and Program Plan

All providers must have an approved application and program plan on file with the Bureau of Basic Supports - Title XX. The program services, anticipated service levels, and budget are detailed in the approved application and program plan. As Part of the Uniform Grant Agreement Attachment, the program plan is referenced as an Exhibit. Any changes to the program plan during the contract period require prior approval from IDHS.

Bureau staff members carefully review each program plan using a program plan checklist. If the program plan does not adequately address the Title XX Social Services Block Grant program requirements, staff will contact the provider and provide technical assistance to obtain the required information.

Failure to provide a completed Program Plan by the date specified by the Department may result in: delay in execution of the agreement, termination of the Agreement, modified award decisions. The Provider will receive written notification of the actions undertaken by the Department to effectuate a completed Program Plan.

C. Uniform Grant Agreement / Program Plan Amendment

An amendment is required when there is a change in the program plan that has been approved by IDHS. The changes to the program plan may cover services, service delivery, deliverables and the budget. The provider must contact IDHS to discuss the proposed changes and to determine if an amendment is necessary. The provider will prepare the details of the proposed amendment and supporting documentation for IDHS approval.

All agreement amendments must be submitted to the Bureau at least thirty (30) days prior to the proposed effective date and thirty (30) days before the end of the Agreement period (June 30). Processing time required by IDHS should be taken into consideration.

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