February 15, 2022 - Quality Care Board Meeting

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 11:00 a.m.

  • WebEx
  • Phone (US Toll): 1-312-535-8110 (Chicago) / 1-415-655-0002
  • Event number (access code): 2461 927 8838


Peter B Neumer, Inspector General; Charles Wright, Deputy Inspector General; William Diggins, Acting Southern Assistant Deputy Inspector General ;Saul J. Morse, Chairperson; Angela Hearts-Glass, Board Member (joined 11:14a;) Megan Norlin, Board Member (joined 11:14a); Jae Jin Pak, Board Member; Shirley Perez, Board Member; Joyce Medley, Administrative Assistant

Called to Order - 11:04am

  • Approval of December 21, 2021 Meeting Minutes
  • Motion to approve  - Shirley Perez
  • Motion Seconded - JaeJin Pak
  • All in favor, No Opposed - December 21, 2021 minutes approved

Bi-Monthly Update on OIG Operations

  • IG Neumer gave an update on our new hire. Jesse Escarpita, Chief Administrative Officer, will be starting 02/16/22. 
  • We are no longer doing onsite investigations due to surging COVID numbers unless an in-person interview is necessary. 
  • Discussed monthly calls with Equip for Equality regarding their similar oversite initiatives. 
  • Discussed new meetings with Guardian Advocacy Commission, the Human Rights Authority, IL Department of Public Health, and Adult Protective Services.
    • Creating lines of communication with the goal of getting to the root causes of abuse and neglect of the people that we serve.
  • Board members discussed advocating for the residents and how we can improve communications with the facilities while they are on lock-down due to COVID.

Further Discussion of Proposed Rule 50 Amendments

  • Discussed more insight on the proposed revisions and the criteria for cases potentially referred to the facility.
  • Discussed the timeline and requirements regarding implementing the revisions

Administrative Matters.

  • Discussed proposed changes of criteria for reporting accused staff to the Healthcare Worker Registry.
  • Annual training requirement deadline discussed.

Other Business

  • No other business.


  • Motion to adjourn - JaeJin Pak
  • Seconded - Shirley Perez
  • All in favor, no opposed - Meeting adjourned at 12:19 p.m.