Appendix 3 RYD Best & Promising Practices

Reimagine-Youth Development

Best & Promising Practices

This is a list of "Best & Promising Practices" that have been found to be successful in out of school time programs such as Reimagine-Youth Development and is in no way comprehensive and Applicants may propose programming not included in this attachment.

Academic Achievement

  • Alpha Smarts (AA01)
  • Destinations 2.0 (AA02)
  • Hooked on Phonics (AA03)
  • Read and Write Now (AA04)
  • Help a Child to Read (AA05)
  • Math Blasters (AA06)
  • The Princeton Review (AA08)
  • Leap into Literacy (AA09)
  • Lego Engineering Academy (AA10)
  • Kaleidoscope (AA11)
  • Voyager Expanded Learning Program (AA12)
  • After school Science Plus (AA13)
  • Effective Math Tutoring Strategies (AA14)

Life Skills

  • Life Skills Training Program (Botvin) (LS101)
  • Project Northland (LS102)
  • I CAN Problem Solve (LS103)
  • Preparing for the Drug Free years (LS104)
  • Project Alert (LS105)
  • Postponing Sexual Involvement (PSI) (LS201)
  • Reducing the Risk (LS202)
  • Behavioral Skill Training (HIV) (LS203)
  • Sex Can Wait (LS204)
  • Smart Girls (LS205)
  • Teen Talks (LS206)
  • Good Behavior Game (LS301)
  • Pathways: A Boy's Town Training Program (LS302)
  • Youth Peace (LS303)
  • Sister Net (LS304)
  • Second Step (LS305)
  • Conflict resolution (LS401)
  • Self-Worth (LS402)
  • Peer Relationships (LS403)
  • Communications Skills (LS404)
  • Youth Helping Youth Succeed (LS501)
  • A Peer Mentor Curriculum for Drug and Violence Prevention (LS502)
  • Project Star/Midwestern Prevention Project (LS106)
  • Play for Peace (LS405)
  • Peace Builders (LS406)
  • Project Trust (LS407)
  • Be Proud! Be Responsible! (LS207)
  • G.R.E.A.T. Gang Resistance Education & Training (LS503)
  • Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (RCCP) (LS408)
  • CASASTART - Striving Together to Achieve Rewarding Tomorrows (LS306)
  • Get Real about AIDS (LS208)

Parental Involvement

  • Strengthening Families Program (PI001)
  • Families and School Together (FAST) (PI002)
  • Strengthening Families Program for Parents and Youth 10-14 (PI003)
  • Ages 0-18: NICASA Parent Project (PI004)
  • Effective Black Parenting Ages 2-12 (PI005)
  • Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families and Communities Ages 3-18 (PI006)
  • Families Who Care (PI007)
  • Creating Lasting Connections (PI008)
  • IOWA - Strengthening Families Programs (PI009)


  • Understanding Mentoring Relationships by Search Institute (PM001)
  • Across Ages (PM002)
  • Mentoring Works! by the National Mentoring Partnerships (PM003)

Sports & Recreation

  • Project First Choice by the Illinois National Guard (SR001)
  • President's Council on Physical Fitness (SR002)
  • New Games (SR003)

Service Learning