PM 06-11-02-b: Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) Services

WAG 06-11-02-b.

DHS licenses agencies to provide community integrated living arrangement (CILA) services to persons with developmental disabilities (DD) or mental illness (MI).

CILA services are provided in living arrangements where 8 or fewer persons with DD or MI reside under the supervision of the DHS licensed agency. CILA services are designed to promote independence in daily living, economic self-sufficiency, and integration into the community. CILA services include individualized:

  • treatment,
  • training,
  • rehabilitation,
  • habilitation (provides health, social, and support services), and
  • other community integrative services.

NOTE: Housing is not a CILA service.

CILA services are provided in the residence of the person's choice rather than in a specific facility. The residence may be the person's, or another person's home or apartment, or a residence provided by the agency licensed for CILA services. If different services are needed, the services would be changed rather than having the person move into a different living arrangement.

In order to receive CILA services a person must:

  • be developmentally disabled or have a mental illness,
  • be age 18 or over, and
  • require CILA services and a supervised living arrangement as determined by DHS - Office of Developmental Disabilities (ODD) or DHS - Office of Mental Health (OMH).