WAG 06-10-10: MPE Client with a Pending Application

  1. (FCRC/All Kids Unit) Approve 45 days of MPE coverage for a pregnant woman with a pending application for medical and/or cash benefits starting the date of the pending application.
  2. (FCRC/All Kids Unit) Complete mail-in screening through AIS when the MPE application is received.
  3. (FCRC/All Kids Unit) Register the MPE application in AIS as a new Category 94 application using the date of the pending application for cash and/or medical.
  4. (FCRC/All Kids Unit) Enter the case ID number of the pending application on AIS Screen 7A before approving the MPE case.
  5. (FCRC/All Kids Unit) Enter TA 10/TAR 49, 45-day MediPlan Card Authorized for Healthy Start Coverage, on the Healthy Start/MPE Approval Screen in Option 8 of the Eligibility Subsystem to approve a 45-day MediPlan Card.
  6. (System) Enters the first day of MPE eligibility in Item 77. This is the date of the pending application for cash and/or medical.
  7. (FCRC/All Kids Unit) Enter the MPE case number on AIS Screen 7A of the regular pending application. This will reassign the MPE RIN to the client when the regular application is approved.
  8. (System) Automatically approves the MediPlan card and denies the mail-in application.

    NOTE: The application is not restored to pending status. 

  9. (FCRC/All Kids Unit) Change the application registration status to reflect MPE status if the pregnant woman is the only person in the pending case asking for medical.
  10. (FCRC/All Kids Unit) Enter:
    • category 94,
    • basic number,
    • provider number, and
    • MPE determination date,

      when there is a Yes response to the question "Is a pending application to be flagged for Healthy Start/Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility (MPE)?". Entry of this information changes the registration to reflect MPE status.

  11. (FCRC/All Kids Unit) Enter Total Income and Household Size, if available.
  12. (FCRC/All Kids Unit) Approve a 45-day MediPlan card (see WAG 06-10-02-b) after the MPE application is registered.