WAG 06-10-08: Authorizing MPE Coverage

  1. (FCRC/All Kids Unit) Approve the MediPlan Card for the initial MPE eligibility period on the same day the MPE application is received, using TA 10/TAR 45, if the application is complete.
  2. (FCRC/All Kids Unit) Return a copy of Form 3089 to the provider with the box in the upper right-hand corner filled in with the RIN, Case ID, and beginning medical eligibility date.
  3. (System) Approves and cancels (TA 28/TAR 25) the MPE application for a client without an active case.
  4. (System) Generates a turnaround Form 552 for approvals with MEDIPLAN CARD FOR HEALTHY START/MPE COVERAGE in Item 93. There will not be any message in Item 93 for a cancellation.

    Pending Status Restored 

  5. (System) Automatically restores the MPE application to pending status (TA 02/TAR 46), using the original MPE application date, after the MediPlan card is approved. The action appears on ACID.

NOTE: A turnaround Form 552 is not generated.