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GA 430 Community Support Team (pdf)

Application Procedures

Each applicant must have access to the internet. The Department's web site will contain information regarding this funding opportunity and materials necessary for submission.

Program Email Address:  

Content and Form of Application Submission

Uniform Application for State Grant Assistance

The Uniform Application for State Grant Assistance is a three-page document used to formalize organization's request to apply for funding. The document requires the signature and email address of the organization's authorized representative. Each applicant must have access to the internet. 

Subrecipient budget(s)

  1. If applicant is planning to use a sub-grantee, a pdf copy of the sub-grantee budget must be submitted at the time of the application packet.
  2. Subrecipient budgets shall be submitted on the IDHS/DMH Budget Template (GOMBGATU-3002-(R-02-17) as an attachment.

Application Submission Dates and Times

Application Submission

  1. To be considered for award, application materials will only be accepted electronically. Applications must be in the possession of the DMH email address
  2. IDHS cannot guarantee a start date of July 1st, 2022 if application submissions are received after the due date.
  3. Emails into this box are electronically date and time stamped upon arrival. For your records, please keep a copy of your email submission with the date and time it was submitted, along with the email address to which it was sent.
  4. If an applicant experiences technical difficulties, an email must be sent to prior to the submission deadline. If State systems are deemed to be working properly, it is the applicant's responsibility to ensure their application materials arrive at the appropriate email address before the submission deadline date and time.

    If you have difficulty emailing the document due to the file size, please utilize the CMS File Transfer Utility. Please follow the instructions to attach your application. Remember to include the subject line below.

  5. IDHS/DMH is under no obligation to review applications that do not comply with the above requirements.
  6. Applicants will receive an email to notify them that the application was received and if it was received by the due date and time. The email of the original sender of the application will be used for official communication between the Department and the applicant organization for matters regarding this application.
  7. The subject line of the email MUST state:
    1. Entity Name;
    2. Program 430 Community Support Team