PM 06-08-09: Reapplication After Nonpayment of Premium

WAG 06-08-09

If the family reapplies and is now eligible for TANF, All Kids/FamilyCare Assist, Moms & Babies or Family Health Spenddown, approve in the normal manner. The unpaid premiums have no effect on eligibility for these programs.

revised textOnce the All Kids Premium case is canceled for nonpayment of premiums, the family must pay all premiums due before they can receive All Kids Share or Premium. This affects all family members on the case with unpaid premiums. If a family member with unpaid premiums moves to a different household, it affects the new family unit as well.

revised textFor All Kids Premium, the first month's premium, as well as the past due amount, must be paid before benefits can start. The case is approved in "enrolled" status until the premium is paid. Failure to pay the premium by the due date will result in denial of the application.

revised textIf the child's parent or caretaker relative owes unpaid Premium debt or Rebate overpayment, the children are not eligible for All Kids Share or Premium. The children are ineligible even if premiums are owed for a child who was a member of another family unit when the debt was incurred.

  • Example: Ms K received All Kids Premium for her son, Adam. The case was canceled due to nonpayment of premiums. Adam moves in with his father and 2 siblings. The new family unit is not eligible for All Kids Share or Premiumdeleted text until the debt is paid.