PM 06-08-02-b: Financial Eligibility Requirements

WAG 06-08-02-b

revised textOnce a child is found eligible for All Kids Share or Premium, changes in income do not affect the child's eligibility until the next REDE, unless it is to the family's benefit and the family requests a change. deleted text

revised textIncome requirements for All Kids Share and Premium Levels 1 and 2 are based on percentages of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). The FPL is usually updated yearly.

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Countable monthly income cannot exceed the following FPL percentages:

  • revised textAll Kids Share - greater than 147%, but equal to or less than 157%
  • revised textAll Kids Premium Level 1 - greater than 157%, but equal to or less than 209%
  • revised textAll Kids Premium Level 2 - greater than 209% but equal to or less than 318% (313% plus standard 5% disregard for highest level)

revised textUpdated income standards for Share and Premium Level 1 are in WAG 25-03-02(2) Updated income standards for Premium Level 2 are in WAG 25-03-02(4).

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