PM 06-08-01-a: Monthly All Kids Premiums

WAG 06-08-01-a

revised textMonthly premiums are required under the All Kids Premium program. Families whose members are American Indian or Alaska Native do not pay premiums for Premium Level 1. Premiums are required for American Indian and Alaska Native families under Premium level 2.

Premiums for All Kids Premium are:

Deleted textLevel 1 All Kids Premiums 
Number of Children Covered Monthly Premium
1 $15
2 $25
3 $30
4 $35
5 or more $40
Deleted TextLevel 2 All Kids Premiums
Number Covered Monthly Premium
1 child $40
2 or more children $80
  • new textNote: Since each child's EDG is determined separately under MAGI budgeting rules, it is possible for a family to have one or more children in Premium Level 1 and one or more children in Premium Level 2 on the same IES case. In this situation, the maximum monthly premium charged is $80 per family.

revised textIf a family does not pay their premiums by 60 days after the due date, the All Kids Premium benefits are canceled for the next month that can be affected. Refer to PM 06-08-07 for policy regarding nonpayment of premiums. Refer to PM 06-08-09 if the family reapplies after being canceled due to nonpayment of premiums.

revised textIf All Kids Premium benefits are canceled between schedule cut-off and the end of the month, the family does not owe a premium for the next month.